10 March 2016

Fürst Wittekind zu Waldeck and Pyrmont celebrated 80th birthday

Emperors weather for Princely birthday: Fürst Wittekind zu  Waldeck and Pyrmont celebrated hi birthdsay on Wednesdaywith around 200 invited guests in the Stone Hall of the Residence Castle Arolsen.
On behalf he many illustrious wishers, including federal and state parliament, district administrator Dr. Reinhard Kubat and mayor Jürgen van der Horst, commended Government President Dr. Walter Lübcke popular and country connected boss in the castle.
The 80-year-old birthday boy thanked to its inherent humorous manner, referring to the surprise party that he had prepared the night before the family: A surprise guest was none less than Hollands former monarch, Queen Beatrix, came to Bad Arolsen. The cousin ofFürst Wittekind was most recently in 2008 for the 150th birthday of Queen Emma and opening Emma exhibition visited the local castle.
Fürst Wittekind took the opportunity to his introduce eldest son, hereditary Prince Carl Anton, as future boss in  house and chairman of the Foundation. Yet in the course of which surrender is officially completed. The specially designed family statute had been amended. The saw namely been an age limit of 28 years. Hereditary Prince Carl Anton is but 23 years old.
Fürst Wittekind, who clearly enjoyed the celebration on Wednesday with deployment of Waldecker gunners and serenaded the hunting horn, came to speak in his acceptance speech with black humor to his poor health and then but referred all optimistic about his mother, Fürstin Altburg, who turned  proud 99 years old.

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