01 October 2015

† Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia

Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia died on 29.09. at the Age of 76 in BErlin. His funeral will take place on 09. October in the Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche in Berlin.
Prince frierich Wilhelm was born on 10.02.1939 as the oldest son of prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia and his wife Kira, née Grand Duchess of Russia. In August 12967 he married the commoner Waltraud Freydag. As thi wife was a commoner the marriage was considedes as morgantic and Friedrich Wilhelm has the ro rennounce his rigts as oldest son and Heir of his father on 18.09.1967. From the marriage he had one son Philipp, who is now a lutheran Pastor. After the amrriage ended in divorce Friedrichj Wuilhelm married in 1976 Ehrengard von Reden. Aslo this marriage was morganatic. Together the couple had three children: Friedrich Wilhelm, Joachim Albtrecht and Viktoria Luise. After this marriage also ended in a divorce Friedrich Wilhelm´married in 2004 Sibylle Kretschmer.
In the early 1970's Prince Friedrich Wilhelm became wellnknown  ecause he cheated on his first doctoral thesis and returned to the doctorateIn 1981 he received his doctorate and re-focused on the family history of the Hohenzollern.
After the death of his father in 1994 Friedrichn Wilhelm togehter with his late brother Michael he started several law suits against his nephew Prince Georg Friedrich who was named the heir by the late Prince Louis Ferdinand.

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