22 May 2015

danish Crown Princely Couple visits Munich

When i heard that the danish Crown Princely Couple Frederik and Mary would make a working Visit to Hamburg and Munich i thought that wo9uld be the perfect opportunity to make a Visit to Munich.
After having to Change my travel plan i the laxst minute because ot the Train Strike in Germany i finally arrived via a Fernbus early on Wednesday in Munich. Unfortunately the weather there was a strong rain that day. As there was still time left on my way to the Munich i deceided first to make a Visit to the St. Michaels Church. In it among others the probably most famous of the Bavarian ruler King Ludwig II. is buried. Then i went to the Residence where i arrived a bit more then a hour before the Crown Princely Couple was due to arrive. Thee where not many onlooker there but soon members of the Press started to arrive and interviewed the onlookers. We then could stand at one side of the red Carpet (the Press Stand was on the opposide). Some guest arrived also there amoing them Fürstin Gloria of Thurn and Taxis and Duke Franz of Bavaria with his sister-in-law Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria. 

Fürstin Gloria of Thuran and Taxis

Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria

Duke Franz of Bavaria

A Little bit after 13h00 the time the couple was due to arrive the bavarian Prinme Minister Horst Seehofer with his wife Karina and Ilse Aigner, the bavarian Minister of Economy came out of the Castle. Finally with around 30 minutes dely the car with the Crown Princely Couple arrived. After getting out of the Car the where greeted by the Prime Minster and the other officials. Crown Princess Mary soon went to the waiting People and fans an greeted them and shook Hand with most of them. Crown Prine Frederik remained a bit more in the Background. Afterwards the posed fopr the Press and then went in the Castle. 


There a Dinner was Held in the Antiquarium where speeches Held by Crown Prince Frederik and the Prime MInister. When i visited the Residence on the next day there was still the table and the chairs standing in the Antiquarium.
I then decided to have something to eat and to warm up a bit, before i went again to the Reisdence to see them leaving. But i went very fast when the came out accompanied by prime Minister Seehofer and other officials

Afterwards i went to my Hotel to warm up and Change clothes.
In the evening the rain had become lesser and it eas only a light rain. therefore i decided to walk again to the Reiosdence to see if there was a Chance to see the Couple arriving ot the Dinner. I know the would arrive on the side to the Hofgarten. When i came on i could see that there was a quiet long red Carpet (much longer then in the morning). There where only a few photographers there and also not much onlooker. As i turned out only the Crown Princely Couple arrived there. Aftter arring Mary went to a few small chidlren with danish flags on the oppside street then they walked along the red Carpet and posing for the photographers before going into the Castle where a Dinner was Held in the Kaisersaal.



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