21 August 2014

Prince Armin zur Lippe celebrated 90th birthday

A big welcome "in Detmold castle: Dr. Armin Prinz zur Lippe has celebrated his 90th birthday on Monday with numerous guests and well-wishers in the ancestral hall included representatives of public life, political representatives, the Lippe business, art and culture, clergy and. long-standing companions and friends.
The Detmold Protect society is closely associated since its inception on 16.07.1600 under Count Simon VII. with the Princely House. This proved the shooters also the occasion of the 90th birthday of Dr. Armin Prinz zur Lippe (full name: Armin Leopold Ernst Bruno Heinrich Willa August Prinz zur Lippe), who was born on 18.08.1924 in Detmold.
The honoree is since 1949 head of the house Lippe. He is the fourth son of the last reigning Fürst Leopold IV. Zur Lippe and his second wife Princess Anna zu Ysenburg and Büdingen, daughter of Fürst Bruno zu Ysenburg and Büdingen.
The Detmold shooters under the leadership of captain on the staff, Major Jürgen Föhr occurred on the birthday evening (August 18) by 20 clock in the town square and marched to the torch output to the sound of music train the volunteer fire snakes and the marching band Koller Beck to the Princely Residence Castle to make the prince's 90th birthday waiting and congratulate. In the castle courtyard Colonel Heinz Holey joined the shooter, who had previously participated in the castle at the official birthday reception and took command.
"We are proud Highness, to be allowed to bring them to their special day the congratulations of the Detmold protecting society," said Holey and fire Musikzug snakes played after the greeting "Happy Birthday". The marching band Koller Beck enjoyed the Royal Family and guests of honor with a masterly rendition of "Pipes and Drums". Since the shooters wanted musically inferior and they voted their song "Protect ahead to shoot" at.
"It is a great and wonderful surprise. Thank you for this," thanked Dr. Armin Prinz zur Lippe from the balcony is encountered Protect and musicians with the melody, "Lippe Detmold a beautiful city", performed by fire service Musikzug snakes, adopted.

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