15 August 2014

Donzdorf Castle

The so called Old Castle was first mentioned around 1478. In 15768 on order of Hans von Rechenberg zu  Hohenrechberg zu Illeraichen-Scharfenegg the new Castle was built. Her moved to Donzdorf with his wife Anna Margarethe from Scharfenberg Castle. The three-storey Renaissance building with four octagonal towers took his place next to the old manorial court and the church. When the Rechberg line of the House became extinct  1735 Donzdorf was sold to the Duchy of Württemberg, the castle was only one seat Württemberg bailiff  until in 1745 the mother of Maximilian Emanuel of Rechenberg bought the castle. Thus, Weißensteiner line bbecame the owners of the  dominion. In 1764 married Count Max Emanuel with Walburga von Sandizell. The couple were among the group of persons-present at the Munich court. As members of the Bavarian court they brought this lifestyle even to Donzdorf. In the following centuries the castle was further expanded, for example, assembled the old and new lock with a three-story connecting wing, the Kitchen. The Red Room with elaborate stucco ceiling served as fixed and dining room. Today there among among other things weddings and chamber concerts are Held.

1764-1765 originated south of the castle of Castle the Castle Garden as baroque garden. In the beginning of the 19th century it was  converted into an English landscape garden in its present form. In the area surrounded by a wall park in front of the castle pond a sundial.
By a contract of 1987 the castle was sold by Count Albert of Rechberg  and Rothenlöwen to the city Donzdorf. The castle garden is open to the public since 1992. Since May 1995, the castle serves as the administrative center of the city Donzdorf.


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