06 March 2014

Fürst Friedrich Wilhelm of Hohenzollern now buried next to his wife

The late Fürst Friedrich Wilhelm of Hohenzollern who died 3 1/2 ago was reburied beside the Hedinger church. His son, Fürst Karl Friedrich , told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that the family had decided to bury Friedrich  Wilhelm  next to his late wife Margarita . The fact that her parents were buried in separate places, the Fürst and his brothers wanted to change . "My father is now united in the grave with my mother, he would accept our decision for sure," says Karl Friedrich of Hohenzollern.The reburial of the remains of Fürst Friedrich Wilhelm was preceded by a Mass which  the Pastor Berger read for  90th birthday on 03.02.2014in the  Hedinger church. Like at the Requiem in September 2010, the coffin was laid out under the dome of the Hedinger church. The coffin was then buried next to the grave of Fürstin Margarita .On the grave recall containers of roses to the funeral. On a wreath , a wreath ribbon is attached to the Hohenzollern colors. On two simple wooden boards the names of those buried are written . The Stone that the grave of the Fürstin  partially covered is  currently revisited by a stonemason .Fürstin Margarita has been buried after her death in 1996 outside the Hedinger church and the cloister , as it was her wish . Family tradition is that the Hohenzollern Fürsten in the past under the dome tomb found their final resting place . The coffins were laid in the tomb , the Fürst Friedrich and his wife Margarethe. Since there is no more free space in the vault , the coffins had to be buried in the cloister of the Hedinger church. The couple would be the first that would be buried outside the family vault . In the cloister family members such as siblings of the Fürsten are buried . The coffin of Fürst Friedrich Wilhelm was laid out over the past three and a half years in a chapel of the cloister . Now the Fürst has his final resting place .

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