13 January 2011

† Duchess Ilona zu Mecklenburg

HI & RH Duchess Ilona zu Mecklenburg, née Archduchess of Austria passed away in the morning of 12. Janaury 2010 at Bad Krouingen. She was born on 20.04.1927 as second daughter of Archduke Joseph Franz of Austria (from the hungarian line) and his wife Anna, née Princess of Saxony.  In 1045 she married at Sigmaringen Duke Georg Alexander of Mecklenburg, from the Strelitz line, who was the only son of Duke Georg. The marriage ended in divorce in 1974. The couple had four children: Duchess Elisabeth Crhstine (*1947), Duchess Maria katharine (*1949), Duchess Irene (*1054) and Duke Borwin (* 1956).


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