03 October 2015

Rosenhöhe Darmstadt


During my Stay in Darmstadt in June this year i also made a Visit to the Rosenhöhe and of course to that part of it where the members of the Grand Ducal Family are buried. 

When one comes to this park of the Park the first Grave on sees is that one of Princess Johanna (1936-1939) , the daughter of Hereditary Grand Duke Georg Donatus and his wife Cecilie

A bit further cames the place where the most members of the Family are buried including those whioe lost their life at a flying accident a Steen nr Oostende in 1937.

In a row are the graves of Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig (1868-1937), Grand Duchess Eleonore, n´+ee Princess zu Solms-Hohensolms-Lich (1871-1937), Hereditary Grand Duke Georg Donatus (1906-1939), Hereditary Grand Duchess Cecilia, née Princess of Greece and Denmark (1911-1937) and their 2 sons Prince Ludwig (1931-1937) and Prince Alexander (1933-1937). 

Grave of Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig (1868-1937)
Grave of Grand Duchess Eleonore, née Princess zu
Solms-Hohensolms-Lich (1871-1937)

Grave of Hereditary Grand Duke Georg Donatus
Grave of Hereditary Grand Duchess Cecilia, née Princess
of Greece and Denmark (1911-1937)

Grave of Prince Ludwig (1931-1937)
Grave of Prince Alexander (1933-1837)

Before this graves is the joint grave of Prince Ludwig (1908-1968) and his wife Margaret, née Geddes (1913-1997)

A bit further down the way then comes the grave of Pricness Elisabeth (1895-1903) the only child of Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig and his first wife Victoria Melita.

Close to it is the New Mausoleum situated. It was build in 1903 by Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig for his parents. Professor Karl Hofmann from Frankfurt was planning the mausoleum in the style of the tomb of the empress Galla Placidia in Ravenna cruciform ground plan. In 1910 the building was completed. In it are buried Grand Duke Ludwig IV. (1837-1893, Grand Duchess Alice, née Princess of Great Britain (1843-1878) and 23 of their children, Prince Friedrich (1870-1873) and Princess Marie (1874-1878). 


Behind it is the Old Mausoleum.It built in 1826, designed by court architect Georg Moller in the classical style. The tomb was built for Princess Elisabeth (1821-1826)

The building is a three-part, symmetrical layout. The central building was constructed in the form of a simple cemetery chapel with triangular pediment and portico. The mausoleum is in the interior of a circular vestibule and a square chancel.
In the years 1869/70 the Old mausoleum has been extended to a design by Professor Heinrich Wagner. The mutually attached, symmetrical wings were together with the two lateral grave chapels, which are connected by colonnades to the middle part, adapted style architecture at Moller.
In the Old Mausouleum are among others the Grand Dukes Ludwig I. and Ludwig II. and their spouses buried, also Grand Duke Ludwig III., Prince Karl and Princess Elisabeth the parents of Grand Duke LÖudwigh IV. and several other Family members. 

01 October 2015

† Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia

Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia died on 29.09. at the Age of 76 in BErlin. His funeral will take place on 09. October in the Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche in Berlin.
Prince frierich Wilhelm was born on 10.02.1939 as the oldest son of prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia and his wife Kira, née Grand Duchess of Russia. In August 12967 he married the commoner Waltraud Freydag. As thi wife was a commoner the marriage was considedes as morgantic and Friedrich Wilhelm has the ro rennounce his rigts as oldest son and Heir of his father on 18.09.1967. From the marriage he had one son Philipp, who is now a lutheran Pastor. After the amrriage ended in divorce Friedrichj Wuilhelm married in 1976 Ehrengard von Reden. Aslo this marriage was morganatic. Together the couple had three children: Friedrich Wilhelm, Joachim Albtrecht and Viktoria Luise. After this marriage also ended in a divorce Friedrich Wilhelm´married in 2004 Sibylle Kretschmer.
In the early 1970's Prince Friedrich Wilhelm became wellnknown  ecause he cheated on his first doctoral thesis and returned to the doctorateIn 1981 he received his doctorate and re-focused on the family history of the Hohenzollern.
After the death of his father in 1994 Friedrichn Wilhelm togehter with his late brother Michael he started several law suits against his nephew Prince Georg Friedrich who was named the heir by the late Prince Louis Ferdinand.

25 September 2015

† Duchess Alexandra of Croy

At the age of 55 years Duchess  Alexandra of Croy died after a long illness on Wednesday 23.September. The wife of Duke Rudolph of Croy, with whom she has six children together, has used charitable in many ways.
This had always been situated close to her heart, says Rudolph Duke of Croy. She was active as a Maltese lady and member of the board of Bishop Heinrich Tenhumberg Foundation. In addition, she held the patronage of Dülmener multi-generational house.

Together with Myriam Baroness von Korff and the fashion designer Siggi Spiegelburg, she is also initiating a first-class Kleiderbörse. This took place this spring for the twelfth time held at Schloss Harkotten. The proceeds of this exchange is intended for charitable purposes. The Requiem for Duchess Alexandra of Croy takes place on 03.October  at 11 clock in the St.-Jakobus- Church Karthaus.