14 May 2016

Funeral of Fürst Albrecht zu Castell-Castell

Castell wears black

Eternal life, the resurrection -. Two days before Pentecost was the promise of the central idea at the funeral of Fürst Albrecht of Castell-Castell The 90-year-old died on Monday after a brief illness , "after a long, full life" how the Casteller Dean Günther Klöss cobbler the service at St. John Church said in Castell.
"If you look at the way to the cemetery as the final transition, God makes small," he continued. "That would be the victory of death, life without Easter. Here God says: I make all things new "The Catholic confessor of the deceased, Old Abbot Fidelis from the nearby monastery Münsterschwarzach, recalled the yearning song of the Benedictines with the line:". Lord, disappoint not in my confidence "That'll at. the profession - the entrance to the monastery - and the death of a confrere sung.
Prince Albrecht of Castell-Castell is asking for forgiveness "heart's desire" was in his last hours, so Dean Klöss Cobbler on. It was one of the most moving moments of the funeral, as one of the eight granddaughters, who lectured at the altar intercessions, said: "In his name, I ask all for forgiveness, it hurts, too little attention, which he hurt - even by his views . "
Granddaughters speak intercessions
Another granddaughter asked for health for ill family members, not forgetting also a former employee. And a third wished her grandma "for this now in front of you lying, completely new section" God's blessing. That matched the peaceful-family character of funeral and burial, "without pomp", as Castells Mayor Jochen Kramer aptly remarked.

In the church had 500 mourners, followed in the castle park another 600 worship in the tent with video transmission. Subsequently, the combined funeral march on Castle overtook the princely cemetery. By 13 o'clock ringing of bells, the coffin ( "Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust") was lowered into the grave. On this overcast day with many showers almost all noble houses were represented from the Franconian area.
Many guests came from far away arrived. By mail more than 1,000 letters and cards were in the days after the death of the prince received the condolences, so Jesko Count Dohna, nephew of the deceased and Archivist of Castells. Among the mourners also included clergy and representatives of religious communities, such as the Würzburg Bishop Ulrich boom and Josef Schuster as president of the Central Council of Jews.
Oscar-winner among the mourners
Come was also Florian Count Henckel von Donnersmarck: Film director comes from an old German noble family. Donnersmark 2007 received an Oscar for his work "The Lives of Others." The 43-year-old has already by its ancestors good connections to the house Castell, his father lived but after the war five years in males houses Castle. He served there as a consultant and resulted in time and the stores of both dynasties.
For funeral also the former FDP leader in the Bundestag, Hermann Otto Solms, had come, who comes as the widow, Marie-Louise Princess of Castell-Castell, from Lich (Hesse). "I've always admired about the deceased the urge for reconciliation," the 75-year-old said at the reception in the riding hall. "I am glad that he did not have to suffer long, and the end like so much has good job."
Many of the mourners joined very personal memories with the deceased - about Prichsenstadts Pastor Erich Eysselein: "The prince was a confessor, he said he has also lived like that. He gave me tips about when I should hold as a pastor at the Castell Kirchweih a speech once. , Make the as always: short and bubbly 'he said ".
Very well knew the deceased Rudolf Falkenstein, for many years head of the Princely agriculture. "Very accurate and always interested in agriculture," he says of Prince Albrecht of Castell-Castell. "Once a year we made a tour of the fields on which he wanted to see what it looks like. He even drove combine. "Harald Brügel, Board of Casteller Viticulture Association, is the" calm, collected manner "remembered what is rare today. "And he was reliable."

09 May 2016

† Fürst Albrecht zu Castell-Castell

Fürst Albrecht zu Castell-Castell died in the night to Monday 09.05.2016 at the age of 90.  He was born in 1825 as one of the children of Fürst Carl zu Castell-Castell and his wife Anna Agnes, née Princess zu Solms-Hohensolsm-Lich. After both his older brother and father died in the Second World War he became the 3. Fürst zu Castell-Castell at the age of 19.  He was was committed Protestant and championed conservative values, in particular when it comes to marriage and family. He has also acted for the establishment of the new Jewish community center "Shalom Europa" in Würzburg. In 1951 he married Princess Marie Louise zu Waldeck and Pyrmont. They had 8 children together, 2 of them are already deceased. His youngest son Ferdinand succeeds him as 4. Fürst zu Castell-Castell.

14 April 2016

dutch Royal Couple visits Munich

When i heard that KIng Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands would visits Munich on 13. April i decied to make a day trip to Munich on that day. As i only arrived short after 9h a clock i could not go to the Old Pinakothek. I decided to go straight to the Residence to secure a good Place there instead of waiting at the Pinakothek trill they would leave. After arriving in Munich i meet with a friedn and together we went to the Residence where we arrivd shourt after 10h. We then secured a good place but unfotunately after 20 mins we where sent aways top the other side so that the Press could stand there. Luckily i still god a place in the first row. Then the waiting started. The car with the Royal Couple arrived a 11h30. TM then went first to the Max-Hoseph Place and shwoed themself to the people standing there. Then the walked up top the red Carpet lining to the Entrance to the Resieden. They then greeted the people there and haked Hands and the King spoke with some of them in german. They then heard a fw song of the Tölzer Knabenchor before walking tinto the Residence for Dinner. I and my friedn decided to do the same. Afterwards we went to the Viktualienmarkt and after some searching twe fopund the dutch-bavarian Pavillon the Royal Couple would open later. There we waited and after the crowds became bigger the Police put up gates and we had a good few to the Pavillon. Unfotunately it wasn't meant to be as the Press was allowed to stand in the empty place inside to closed off Area which meant that almost nobody of the ordinary people there could see the Royal Couple when they arrvid there. I and my friend then decied not to wait until the Couple wopuild leave and for me it was time to got to my Bus to drive back home.