15 August 2014

Donzdorf Castle

The so called Old Castle was first mentioned around 1478. In 15768 on order of Hans von Rechenberg zu  Hohenrechberg zu Illeraichen-Scharfenegg the new Castle was built. Her moved to Donzdorf with his wife Anna Margarethe from Scharfenberg Castle. The three-storey Renaissance building with four octagonal towers took his place next to the old manorial court and the church. When the Rechberg line of the House became extinct  1735 Donzdorf was sold to the Duchy of Württemberg, the castle was only one seat Württemberg bailiff  until in 1745 the mother of Maximilian Emanuel of Rechenberg bought the castle. Thus, Weißensteiner line bbecame the owners of the  dominion. In 1764 married Count Max Emanuel with Walburga von Sandizell. The couple were among the group of persons-present at the Munich court. As members of the Bavarian court they brought this lifestyle even to Donzdorf. In the following centuries the castle was further expanded, for example, assembled the old and new lock with a three-story connecting wing, the Kitchen. The Red Room with elaborate stucco ceiling served as fixed and dining room. Today there among among other things weddings and chamber concerts are Held.

1764-1765 originated south of the castle of Castle the Castle Garden as baroque garden. In the beginning of the 19th century it was  converted into an English landscape garden in its present form. In the area surrounded by a wall park in front of the castle pond a sundial.
By a contract of 1987 the castle was sold by Count Albert of Rechberg  and Rothenlöwen to the city Donzdorf. The castle garden is open to the public since 1992. Since May 1995, the castle serves as the administrative center of the city Donzdorf.


27 July 2014

Royal Wedding in Straubing

A big Royal Wedding took placen in Straubing on 26.07.2014 when Prince François of Orleans married Theresa von Einsiedel at the Basilica St. Jacob there. The groom is the younger son of Prince Michel of France, Count of Evreux and his wife Beatrice and a descendant of the last French King Louis Philippe. The bride is one of the 7 daughters of Curt Hildebrand von Einsiedel and his wife Amelie, née Fürstin of Urach. Through her mother she has an interesting ancestry who is going back to the Houses Württemberg, Bavaria, Thurn and Taxis, Austria, Luxembourg and many more.
The couple met several years ago at a Ball organized by the groom's cousin Princess Marie of Liechtenstein, née Princess of France. In January 2014 the Engagement was published.  The civil marriage took place on Friday 25.07. in Sünching. In the evening the Wedding festivities contnued with an Flamenco inspired Party. The religious Wedding Servioce took place on 26.07. at 12h00 at the Basilica St. Jakob in Straubing which a favourite Church of the birde. For the religious Wedding the bride wore a gown designed by Brian Rennie for Basler with a removable Train. In it embrodery there is discret included a fleur-del-lys. The Tiara the bride whore is borrowed from her mother asnd as the central Stone was chaned to a sapphire she wore not only something borrowed but also something blue.

The Witnesses for the Wedding:
Prince Henry de Merode
Sol Medina Orléans-Braganca
Count Alexander of Strassoldo
Viktoria von Einsiedel
Count Johann Friedrich von der Schulenberg
Franziska Praxl

Among the Minstrants for the Service which was lead by Pater Jaroslav of Lobkowicz were the grooms nephew's Gaspard Crépy and Diego Dailly.

The flowerchildren were the nephwes and nieces of the bridal couple: Magdalena von Eichborn, Augustin Crépy, Eleonore Crépy, Almudena Dailly, Gaetano Dailly and Princess Isabelle of Orléans.

When the bride arrived at the Church accompanied by her parents she unfotunately went fast in through an back entrace so once could hardly see here.  After the Service which last for about 80 min. however the Couple came out through the Main entrance where the happily posed for the photographers and kissed each other several times. After a while an old VW-Käfer came there and both got in it. Also in the it the posed for the photographers before the finally drove away to the Schönach Castles, the home of the brides Family. There the reception after the Wedding took place followed by a big Ball in the evening.

Among the guests:
Prince Michel and Princess Beatrice of France, Count and Countess of Evreux
Prince Charles-Philippe and Princess Diane of Orléans, Duke and Duchess of Anjou, Duchess of Cadaval
Princess Clotilde of Orléans and Edouard Crépy
Princess Adelaide of Orléans and Pierre-Louis Dailly
Prince Gundakar and Pricness Marie of Liechtenstein, né Princess of France
Countess Isabelle of Schönborn-Buchheim, née Princess of France and Count Friedrich Karl of Schönborn-Buchheim
Count Vincenz and Countess Katharina of Schönborn-Buchheim
Count Melchior and Countess Bernadette of Schönborn-Buchheim
Countess Héléne of of Limburg-Stirum,née Princess of France
Count Louis and Countess Belén of Limburg-Stirum
Countess Inés of Limburg-Stirum
Archduke Simeon and Arduchess Maria of Austria
Duke Wilhelm Albert and Duchess Karen of Urach
Fürst Karl Philipp of Urach
Fürstin Alexandra of Urach
Fürstin Louisa of Urach
Fürst Inigio and Fürstin Danielle of Urach
Fürst Eberhard of Urach
Fürstin Amelie of Urach
Fürst Max of Urach
Fürstin Gloria of Thurn and Taxis
Prince Fritz and Princess Beatrix of Thurn and Taixs
Princess Maria Laura of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este
Prince Jean-Christophe Napolen
Grand Duke Georgi of Russia
Princess Benigna Reuß and Oscar de Ascoz y Plauen
Count Raimund and Countess Isabelle of Erbach-Fürstenau 
Princess Maria Annuniziata of Liechtenstein

Photo-Album now updated with pics of Gusts.

20 July 2014

Habsburg Wedding in Bad Ischl

The great-great-granddaughter of Emperor Franz Josef, Countess Magdalena Maria Sophie of Habsburg-Lothringen and Sebastian Bergmann tied the   knot on Saturday  19.07.2014 in Bad Ischl.
Bright blue sky and a summer day like a picture book - in a word, glorious weather in Bad Ischl. How could it well be otherwise when the great-granddaughter of Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Sisi occurs before the altar. Saturday afternoon, Countess Magdalena of Habsburg-Lothringen  and her fiance, the lawyer Sebastian Bergmann (30) in the parish church of St. Nicholas tied the knot.
Invited were not only many family members of the House of Habsburg, but also aristocratic guests from all over Europe, including even a real Sir from Scotland who appeared in style in a kilt. The other men wore Cut or dark suit, ladies elegant dresses and hats in all sizes, shapes and colors. The bride herself wore the wedding dress of her mother, a long, high-necked lace dress with a short train, to a simple veil and a delicate tiara on her head. The long hair was tied in a bun, were braided into the small white roses.
Great was the rejoicing even in the many onlookers, as the bride and groom after the wedding ceremony came beaming out of the church. At the latest, when the newlyweds Having called on fans ("And what about a Busserl?") Gave two little kisses, not just the ladies were taken.
Following the ceremony, the couple rode in a carriage - flanked by mounted regiment of soldiers from Hungary, Slovenia and Austria - to the Kaiservill to a festive reception, where, among other things, duck liver terrine, chanterelle tartare and Zander fillet were served. For dessert there was a piece of the seven-story wedding cake, which - had been baked by the K + K Hofkonditorei Zauner - of course.